Co-Founder, Gilat & JAL Ventures

Joshua Levinberg
Joshua Levinberg, a successful entrepreneur and businessman, was born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1953 and studied at the “Ohel Shem” High School. The school is known for educating many of the coun-try’s most successful businessmen, and Joshua Levinberg proved to be one of them. He continued his studies at Tel Aviv University, where he graduated with a B.Sc in electronics and electrical en-gineering. As a well-established businessman, he has proven his expertise in the areas of entrepre-neurship, business development and marketing, telecommunications, investment as well as business planning and strategy. He is a founding member of numerous hi-tech firms and continues to pro-mote new ventures through his investments and board membership.

Business Investments

In 2003 Joshua Levinberg partnered with his brother, Amiram, and created the investment man-agement firm, JAL Ventures. The privately held company is located in Tel Aviv, Israel and seeks out investment opportunities in the fields of telecommunications, biotechnology, life sciences, wire-less technologies, electronics and appliances. 

One company that JAL Ventures invests in is Agropeace Bio Ltd. This privately held company works with the producers of castor seeds in Africa. The oils that are extracted from the seeds are used in the rapidly expanding bio-diesel industry. Joshua Levinberg is one of the co-founders of Agropeace Bio and has served as its Chairman of the Board.

Another of Joshua Levinberg's projects via JAL is StyleRiver, a unique online market for lifestyle and fashion items. JAL identified this website as a unique idea: they offer a "Styling House" for clothing, accessories, jewelry and footwear. The site has selections for men, women and children at significant discounts – up to 70% off regular retail price.

Levinberg also sits on the Board of Directors at Matan Digital Printers, a printing company within which JAL Ventures also has a vested interest. Matan Digital Printers develops and manufactures new solutions for the digital printing industry. The company produces innovative digital printers and presses that take advantage of UV-curable inkjet and Thermal Transfer, two technologies that are eco-friendly.

JAL Ventures has also provided funding to the investment firm Capital Point, ERAYO, Kasamba, which offers advice through online professionals (acquired by LivePerson), CI Industries, DenTack, Xsight Systems, and GoNetworks. 

Gilat Satellite Networks

Joshua Levinberg’s involvement with Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd dates back to 1987 when he was one of the five founding members of  the company and was its Vice President of Business Devel-opment and Marketing. Gilat Satellite Networks is a world wide provider of digital satellite com-munications systems and services  based on the Internet Protocol.

Joshua Levinberg created a US subsidiary of Gilat in the US and remains active in the company as his position has evolved to fill present needs. He was its General Manager and Executive Vice President and since 2005 he has been the Executive Vice President of Corporate Business Strategy and Development.

In addition, Joshua Levinberg was VP of Marketing at G.E. Spacenet, Inc, which is now one of Gi-lat’s subsidiaries, and he was first Chairman of the Board at Satlynx S.A., a company acquired by GE. He also established Global Village Telecom and was its Chief Executive Officer from 1998-1999.

A peek inside

One of the most influential aspects in his professional life is indeed Joshua Levinberg’s father.
In a recent interview we learn that Levinberg’s father had a huge capacity for compassion of others.

Levinberg himself admits that one of his pet hates is smoking in public places and is well aware of the health hazards involved on the general public. Another suggestion of his concern for others is his intense annoyance that buses run on fuel and suggests they should run on electricity or bio diesel.

He claims many brainwaves have come to mind, while in the lavatory and he maintains that he dreams of being a saxophone player in the next life!